I have known Astrud for decades. In all that time she has taught from her heart with skill and compassion that takes care of the individual needs of her students. Astrud has had a thorough Yoga education in the lineage of Krishnamacharya, our source scholar, the teacher of teachers, and is highly qualified to teach you Yoga in a way that is right for you. Please study with Astrud if that is your good fortune.
~ Mark Whitwell, author of The Promise and the introduction to The Heart of Yoga by T.K.V Desikachar

Astrud radiates that rare thing, an open optimism and genuine caring rooted in gritty reality. ~ Tony Briggs, Senior Iyengar teacher and former owner of Turtle Island Yoga

Astrud’s Kirtan is filled with a fiery passion that draws us uninhibitedly into the practice of Bhakti Yoga with love and a heart filled with feelings. As a student AND as a teacher Astrud never stops her explorations into the soul and path of devotion.
-Jai Uttal