laughing lotus yoga
- group classes - 

Tuesday / Thursday
Morning Mantras 8:15am-8:45am
Lotus Flow 9am-10:30am

Lotus Basics 8:30am-9:45am

Before your juicy vinyasa practice, join me for a morning filled with Bhakti and KIRTAN - calling and responding the names of the Gods and Goddesses through a series of sanskrit mantras. A mantra is the force that protects the mind; "Man" means mind and "Tra" to protect. While I play the harmonium, we often have accompaniment with live drumming as well as other handheld instruments that participants choose to play. No experience whatsoever is required. It's the sweetest way to start your day...Bhakti for breakfast. Hari Bol!!!

private & corporate classes

Bring the yoga practice to the community at your office with a class tailored to your specific group's needs!

Some corporate classes I have taught and some I continue to teach:

Avocados and Coconuts SF
Creativity Explored SF
Edgewood Family Services SF   Montessori Conference SF        Laguna Honda Medical Facility SF
Ralph Lauren NYC
Goldman Sachs NYC

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couples yoga

Dive heart first into deepening your devotion and relationship to all things, people, experiences and to God. Embrace the yoga practice, your life and your beloved through breath, mantra, and compassionate touch. I will guide you both through a sweet and intimate asana practice catered to your specific needs.