July 2019

Two-week Bhakti Yoga Summer Immersion
in Petite Somme, Belgium

Join Astrud at Radhadesh,
a spiritual oasis in the peaceful countryside of Belgium.

Radhadesh has been a place of refuge for me, and it has fueled my spiritual development. The relaxed and inclusive environment, the warm community and comprehensive bookstore have kept me coming back. Mantra meditation is a source of transformation, and I am especially fueled and inspired by the devotional practice and daily Kirtans here. I would be happy and honored to share this very special and unique place with you.


Radhadesh Guest House,
located next door to the popular Govinda’s Restaurant, Boutique and Bakery.

Yoga classes

Mantra Meditation

Ecstatic Kirtans

Music lessons (Harmonium, Mridanga and Kartals)

Likhita Japa (repeating a mantra while writing or drawing it on paper)

Nature walks in a beautiful and relaxed environment

Delicious, freshly-cooked, vegetarian meals and vegan baked goods.

There will be time to take long walks and enjoy the peaceful countryside and forest on the property. We will also explore the “smallest town in the world,” Durbuy, a charming little village with winding cobbled streets, amazing old architecture and lots of chocolate. We will also visit the local town of Barvaux.

How to get there:

Fly into Brussels and from the airport and arrange to have a taxi from Radhadesh pick you up (1-1/2hrs, $80.00). Or take a train from the airport to Barvaux (2-1/2hrs at $25.00) and be picked up from there (15 minutes, $6.00).


Single Room $625 (5 Rooms)
1 Queen Bed
1 Private Bath
Heated Room
1 Sofa Bed (Fold out)
Sleeps up to 3 people 

Double Room $550 (4 Rooms)
 2 Queen Beds
1 Private Bath
Heated Room
Sleeps up to 4 people 

Dorm Room $475 (2 Rooms)
1 Queen Bed
1 Bunk Bed (2 people)
Heated Room
A comfortable, clean and heated trailer bathroom near the cabins.