Astrud has been teaching yoga in NYC and San Francisco for over 20 years and is most inspired by her teacher, friend and mentor, Mark Whitwell. She was introduced to Yoga through the teachings of  David Life and Sharon Gannon 1989 and has had the honor of studying with Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Rodney Yee, Dharma Mitra, Judith Lasater, Dana Flynn (Laughing Lotus Co-Founder) as well as local Iyengar teachers,Tony Briggs and Ana Mari Hamada. She also continues to study and teach alongside her longtime soul-sister and inspiration, Jasmine Tarkeshi (Laughing Lotus Co-Founder) , as a senior teacher at Laughing Lotus SF. In India, she had the honor of studying Vedic chanting and yoga philosophy with the incredible T.K.V. Desikachar and spreads her love and knowledge of Bhakti yoga to aspiring teachers around the Bay Area. Born in Panama and raised in San Francisco. she teaches vinyasa yoga (breath-synchronized movement) to students of all ages and levels, as well as kids yoga and restorative yoga.


Public Class

Tuesday / Thursday
Laughing Lotus
Morning Mantras / Kirtan
8:15AM – 8:45AM

Tuesday / Thursday
Laughing Lotus
Lotus Flow- Open Level Vinyasa Asana Class
9AM – 10:30AM

Laughing Lotus
Lotus Basics
8:30AM – 9:45AM

Corporate Class

Bring the yoga practice to the community at your office with a class tailored to your specific group's needs!

Client List:

  • Google
  • Henry Ohlhoff House
  • Rehabilitation SF
  • Avocados & Coconuts Productions SF
  • Creativity Explored SF
  • Edgewood Family Services SF
  • Montessori Conference SF
  • Laguna Honda Medical Facility
  • SF Ralph Lauren NYC
  • Goldman Sachs NYC

Couples Yoga Class

Dive heart first into deepening your devotion and relationship to all things, people, experiences and to God. Embrace the yoga practice, your life and your beloved through breath, mantra, and compassionate touch. I will guide you both through a sweet and intimate asana practice catered to your specific needs. 

Private Yoga Class

Private sessions are a great opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and enjoy a more focused hands-on student / teacher connection. The private class will offer custom sequences designed to meet your individual experience, body, skills and goals.